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Our Mission

We craft innovative outdoor movement wear that reduces carbon footprint & funds sustainable water purification for people in the developing world.


We’re obsessed with the intersection of style & technology.

We want our gear to look great, feel great, and be charged with the latest in fabric innovation.

Not marketing gimmicks, real science.

We also want it to be fairly priced, durable, ethically made, and accompanied by amazing customer service.


To live truly greener lifestyles, we need to get creative.

What parts of our lifestyles are we not thinking about that can be made more sustainable?

Sustainable manufacturing is a given.

But 2/3 of the environmental footprint of a garment comes after it’s manufactured. By making wardrobe staples that are more resistant to bacteria + odor, we can stop using precious resources on unnecessary loads of laundry.



1 in 9 people are still living without access to clean drinking water. We’re not okay with this statistic.

Providing a sustainable source of clean drinking water is the single most effective way to improve the quality of life for rural villagers.

Clean drinking water not only helps prevent bacterial illnesses and suffering.

It also frees up time to pursue work and education - a means of living a happy, fulfilling life and ending the poverty cycle.


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